3 revelations from 28,000 hours of e-commerce UX research

Baymard UX Training in Copenhagen. January, 2018.

Great UX & broken UX can look very similar

Severe usability issues can lurk beneath the surface of any interface. This is especially true for search.

Which of these interfaces uses state of the art search logic and which has a broken search UX?

No results = we don’t sell that.

Consider this: providing a user with no/poor results will likely lead them to conclude that the site doesn’t carry that type of product.

People just want to feel safe

Even if that safety is sort of unfounded. In fact, even if that safety is completely unfounded.

6.1% of subjects surveyed got a sense of trust from a made-up seal.
Look at these images. Which of them makes you feel the most secure? Image source: Baymard Institute.
  • There’s a picture of a padlock.
  • There’s a trust seal that says “Secured by GeoTrust”

We’re all fat-fingered

Fat-finger syndrome, which un-affectionately refers to the inadvertent triggering of a secondary action on a touchscreen UI, is occasionally attributed to the finger itself rather than the culprit device. But as Baymard’s founder Christian Holst slyly pointed out during training, human finger anatomy pre-dates smartphones by approximately 149,980 years.

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