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One of the many Jason Foxes. Content designer at Chime.


  • Katie Fitton

    Katie Fitton

    Supply Chain Product Design @ Wayfair. Spitfire. Crazy dog mom who would rather be diving or traveling.

  • ditraveler


    Web and Graphic Designer

  • Pedro Canhenha

    Pedro Canhenha

    I’m a Product Design Professional. • •

  • Jorge B.

    Jorge B.

  • Carol McBride

    Carol McBride

  • Vu LE

    Vu LE

  • Aaron Bateman

    Aaron Bateman

    Former journalist, former copywriter, current communication consultant.

  • Sumit Trivedi

    Sumit Trivedi

    3D Printers Bay’ is the online marketplace for best-in-class 3D Printers and Scanners of various kinds.

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